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Rational Faith vs Irrational Faith

When I started developing this article, I was surprised by its direction. As much as I design my writing, I'm an "intuitive" writer. My muse is my spirit-soul, my higher self. My "Trinity" (see my "Matrix-human-mind" post).

The short version, is my muse, aka my spirit, isn't of this world. Why would it? It's not physical, and neither is yours. My spirit's verdict came through loud and clear: most humans are irrational most of the time. Most as in over 90%.

Is this irrationality a normalized behavior or naturally occurring? Answer: Normalized due to being encouraged by psychopathic humans who wield a gigantic influence over societies. But in a larger context, partially natural due to most humans' lack of life experience.

The first part of that answer sticks out like a sore thumb to rational minds: powerful groups of humans are manipulating the masses through the control of educational systems, mainstream media, Internet media, Hollywood productions, injecting babies with damaging "shots" that not only are unnecessary but harmful (causing autism and other neurological damage).

There's more:

  • The food system and agriculture are loaded with toxic chemicals.

  • Pharmaceutical products contain toxic components.

  • The overabundance of wireless EMF frequencies interferes with the body's natural operation, which is bioelectric.

Naturally, most humans ridicule all of the above due to a lack of lifetimes experiences. And what do I mean by lifetimes?

Before we can answer that, we must first realize EVERYTHING is "Nature/God" making up a mosaic of complex interactive systems. Humans easily dismiss these dynamic blueprints of life. For example, "junk DNA"...DNA that isn't understood, is labeled "junk." Another example is the source of gravity -- nobody knows what it is -- even though objects fall and remain on the

ground. Another example is the widespread belief that the planet's center is molten lava magma. It's a hypothesis that has never made it to a theory because we can't even drill one quarter into the earth's crust to confirm. Incidentally, this is an example of irrational belief -- when you pretend you know something but have no idea how to verify it. The word you're looking for is evidence.

Irrational beliefs are not an accurate depiction of reality. So what is the litmus test for existence? Or is reality nothing other than individual perception? I believe the answer resides within the body. Note this concept attributed to Jesus: Luke 17:21 "The kingdom of heaven is within." Your body is your vehicle, a conduit of reciprocal free-flowing information or energy from Nature-God. Isn't it ironic how people pay little heed to maintain a body of optimum health? Instead, most treat their bodies like garbage disposals shutting down their connection to Source. That -- is irrational.

Rational Faith:

  1. Observe Nature, laws of physics, the behavior of the object-subject.

  2. Form hypothesis then thesis (test to repeat behavior-results).

  3. Formulate belief.

Irrational Faith:

  1. Preexisting Belief

  2. Gather information to justify said belief (in math, this is called curve-fitting; in medical research or faux science, this is paying for the result you want)

Now consider this concept: if your body is your vehicle while visiting schoolhouse earth, what road are you traveling and where? How you live your life affects how you experience it. You might say, "duh" to the latter, but the meanings you derive are critical to an awakened Mind. Rationality is backed up by pragmatic evidence. Irrationality is not. For example, the appellation "God works in mysterious ways" -- means one does not understand. And that's okay. But it is also an invitation to abdicate personal power -- relinquishing connection to Nature-God. In essence, humans are tempted into giving their free will to external controlling forces.

Stay with me. This is multifaceted because we're deconstructing a labyrinthine idea: the nature of the planet. The trouble with humans is that they refuse to study the nature of things. Instead, they want 'answers' (e.g., scary virus, just take the jabs). Thus, once again, they are

irrational, choosing to generate beliefs without evidence.

Contemplate Dirt. Its convoluted billions of microorganisms work synergistically to provide a life base for plant life -- for all life -- interacting with water, minerals, sunlight, and weather. It's a self-sufficient greenhouse on steroids, as long as humans don't interfere with the BALANCE. Destroy the balance, and humans wipe out the ecosystems which sustain life. Example: Roundup, aka glyphosate, kills the bees, butterflies, amphibians, and other creatures. These creatures are part of a magnificently designed structure. Unfortunately, humans choose to ignore these systems irrationally, and instead, are obsessed with having a "nice lawn." Or they are hell-bent on monocropping agriculture sprayed with these chemicals, polluting the human that eats the crop and the wildlife that lives there. Incidentally, human breast milk is loaded with glyphosate. These toxins overwhelm the blood and organs, not unlike the spike protein

jabs. The "Healthcare" psychopaths know this but also know irrational humans will not stand up and question even though a money trail of evidence indicts their insanity.

So why are so many humans irrational? Let's refer back to my lifetimes comment. Do you think that Nature-God would create ANYTHING that isn't renewable? Let's consider a human, Nature-God's creation. Explain why such an important and magnificent creation would only be given a single, one-shot, one-life-to-live scenario? If the latter were the case, at death, ALL IS FORGOTTEN. NOTHING IS LEARNED. But fast forward to the renewable notion that is abundantly evident in all systems of life. (Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, all to be used again). Stop thinking like a human educated by "school" and think like a GOD. A God didn't build earth to last a hundred years. Or a thousand. It's renewable until the Sun dies.

What is a God? Conceptually? Would it not be a being with a mind or minds much vaster than yours? That has, we can hypothesize, created everything. How many things at once can you focus on? If a God can focus and manage a zillion things, doesn't it require a zillion minds? Many have never contemplated this. Collective religion doesn't want you to actually think.

It wants you to obey, bend the knee, just like its human priests command.

Nature-God, given the evidence of its ecosystems/universes, must also be self-renewable! Everything "wears out." The components of a god WEAR OUT. So, naturally, new "parts" must be created.

These parts are MINDS — very sophisticated minds are grown just like plants in soil. Planet Earth is the soil. Your life is the plant. Your growth is the external "mind," your spirit-soul that records the wisdom learned from each lifetime. Eventually, these souls combine with other souls to create complex minds. Two heads are better than one. Imagine trillions of Minds,

and you have a God.

To believe what you learn during your life isn't retained by your soul is irrational. Humans didn't create humans. We're a montage of complex systems within our bodies. But a human utilizing such a work of art, being a body, will come up with a ridiculously irrational belief: once you're dead, that's it. Why? Because nobody from the dead talks to us. Therefore, nobody

remembers past lives.

**WRONG. The problem with that is that many people have recalled past lives. Lives looked up in historical documents and verified that there was such a human. So the idea of past lives is not irrational because it has evidence.

The point is that "God" or "Nature" requires very, very elaborate Minds to manage and create your planet, you, and everything else. Fact is -- we're here (exist), and so does the earth. Until we completely screw it up.

Imagine, if you will, humans believe they have multiple lifetimes. This means that they would be returning as someone ELSE, with no memory of the last lifetime. You're coming back to the MESS you created. Bill Gates is coming back to enjoy his destructive behaviors, likely as one of us, a slave. Why? Because a soul-spirit must learn all facets of LIFE. It means you experience being the victim and the victimizer. The loser and the winner. The level-headed and the psycho. You can't learn what each context of life is unless you experience all sides of it. Life is much more complicated than "two sides to a story."

**Minds take many lifetimes to mature. People ask, "Why do some people connect the dots but so many do NOT?" Souls with LESS lifetime experience are not as wise as those with MORE lifetime experience. Period.

Most will ridicule this. Why? Because currently on earth, most of the souls are young. Their intuition isn't developed enough to connect the dots of a complex scenario. This ability has nothing to do with intellect. But being a young soul isn't meant to denigrate. On the contrary, all levels of soul reincarnation are courageous. It is a journey of many steps, many difficult

lives, many births, and deaths. Life is, indeed, a learning game.

An example of soul age can be observed with their behavior regarding RULES:

  • Infant Soul: Life is threatening and focused on survival.

  • Baby Soul: Obey the rules or die.

  • Young Soul: Use the rules to be the biggest, best, most.

  • Mature Soul: Why do we have these rules?

  • Old Soul: I follow my own rules that intuitively make sense.

**There's a colossal problem on this planet right now with the dark, ancient organizations that appear to be quite knowledgeable about the progression of soul wisdom in that they're trying to HALT it. Once again, most ridicule the existence of age-old societies because it conflicts with their ideas of what is possible (Earth is mainly young souls, baby souls overall).

Currently, these archaic organizations are using technology of every sort, from chemicals to EMF wave technology, to NLP brainwashing-- to dumb down the humans so they can NOT learn anything during their lifetime. In short, this is an attempt to halt the soul's progression.

This is a huge mistake. The "pressure" and "force" by this progression of souls maturity comes directly from God-Nature. Guess what happens to puny humans who try to stop it? It's like trying to plug a volcano that must release lava regularly. It will blow.

What do you think will happen to the minds of humans trying to halt this soul wisdom progression? Look around. We already see an extreme meltdown of the Karens, etc. People are trying to understand why these people are freaking out. Their psyche is cut off from their spirit-soul.


The Bill Gates of the world and their masters will realize that their future of slaves serving them martinis and polishing their yachts isn't going to last long. It's going to be Planet of the Apes in a terrible way.

Bill Gates and his lot will go mad themselves. In fact, their behavior shows they already are. Nobody destroys their planet and pretends it's fine.

What does a human look like when its mind explodes? The human's behavior becomes explosive. Think heroin addict on steroids. First, there will be misery, depression, then anger, then KABOOM. Not only for the masses but also for the psychos in charge.

They will fail. The question is how much damage they will do to the planet before they "blow."

Since you are still reading this blog, you have undoubtedly experienced multiple lifetimes and are likely a mature or old soul. The latter is innately philosophical and prone to teach by example. Old souls demonstrate how to be free of society's programming and live objectively in the present moment. As for rational faith vs. irrational faith, lifetimes of experience

affect a soul's ability to discern.

If you like my thoughts, please check out my novel, Descendants of Atlantis on Amazon. It's jam-packed with more!

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1 Comment

Dec 29, 2021

Very compelling. I had never thought of reincarnation or multiple lifetimes from Kerry's point of view. I like the idea of how it includes God and/or Nature and that life is infinite. I've read his novel Descendants of Atlantis. It's a lot of fun as well as equally insightful.

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