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Do you have what it takes?

What is the hardest thing to do? Confront your fears? Confront your accusers? Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard has focused on how little we examine our participation in our lives. It takes a legal court to get to the facts of a case, and that's by reviewing the evidence produced by behavior.

What do you do when presented with something challenging your beliefs? Do you take the hero's journey and investigate? Or do you ridicule this absurd concept because it's outside your wall of views?

Are you really claiming this new thing couldn't possibly be true because you don't believe it--or could your aversion be about something ELSE?

Could it be that you're not READY to face this new thing--if it's true? This line in the sand is what separates the hero from the rest. Curiosity, sheer guts, damned the torpedoes...or out of necessity.

Most stories of fiction and fact were when the hero was forced into acting because they'd lose their present way of living if they didn't. However, this requires that the person can actually discern the future damage to themselves if they do NOT act.

The new normal pandemic caught most unawares and even still to this day. Many have taken a jab and wore masks because they didn't see the future loss of their liberties, health, and infrastructure/economic destruction. Much has been discussed on this. Coercion has played a massive part in it, from rewards to penalties of firing you from your job. Many took the jab so they could see their children and relatives.

But taking the jab vs. investigating the jab are two completely different measures. Taking it is a single act, whereas an authentic investigation (not reading the news, what's popular) will take time, effort, and the worst thing: challenging what you believe.

This is the difference between a Sherlock Holmes investigation and today's smartphone search. I use "the jab" as an example because it's still current and literally a matter of life and death, either believed or actual. Across the planet, millions and millions have died from these jabs--per my and others' investigative research. My beliefs were confirmed, whereas many newcomers had their old beliefs popped. So, yes, an international criminal syndicate is trying to kill you. But the ramifications of realizing that fact are what most are not ready for.

Beliefs keep the mind isolated from reality. The reality of life on Earth is that it isn't fair, and you can get hurt or killed anytime. But the reverse of that is also true. Beliefs are bookmarks of our experience or perceptions to maintain our personal sanity along our journey.

The problem is that most people are not traversing ANY kind of journey in their life. Instead, their life is a reaction, consume, obey, take a vacation, have kids or not, get old and die. Some call this the "pedestrian" life. I call it the "voyeur" life where one watches but does not take a chance and make their move.

Worse, there's no contemplation of the meaning of their life until perhaps the end. Such people wait until New Year's Eve to reflect on their year instead of doing it daily. This is the life of the Walking Dead, of those without souls, without their own personal meaning. A member of the crowd instead of an individual.

So do you have what it takes? I doubt it. Willpower, inner strength, fortitude, balls, heroism, whatever you label it as doesn't matter--you must build it gradually. Use it or lose it. This is why we have the current CRT training, the gender bender Identity politics scheme, the "no fat shaming," the no "offending" project, etc. Why?

Because it weakens YOU, your mind. Your sense of self and your true identity--you are a human with arms and legs, and what's between those legs defines you as a man or woman. Anything else is a ROLE you play. So play all the roles you want, knock yourself out--BUT--stop pretending that this role you actual.

It's just a role. However, what takes guts and courage is to be the human you were born AS. It means you don't carve up your body to hide or disfigure it like a Halloween costume. Instead, you treat your body with care like it needs to last, not as a garbage disposal or a drug testing factory.

Unlike a cow, you have a complex mind that can analyze what your senses gather and create beliefs to make sense of it all. You were created to develop your mind and become wise, not be a herd animal. Your body has muscles that require you use them to become and stay strong. The same goes for your mind. Beliefs are for parrots. Analytics (thinking) is hard work and takes courage as you bend and break your rules (beliefs) to use your own senses. You must build your willpower daily.

Do you have what it takes? Look at the last five to twenty-five years of your life. If you died in a month, have you learned anything? Are you wiser? You can only take what you learned with you...not your toys, wealth, or your precious roles.

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