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What the book is about

Over 30,000 years ago, an alien race known as the Atlanteans (or Nephilim) genetically engineered hybrid Earthling species. A great war broke out, ending about 10,000 BC, with Earth tilting on its axis and several continents sinking into the oceans.

The surviving descendants were humans and Reptilian humanoids, the latter taking over the planet, running everything from their underground network of cities.

While Reptilian technology is light years ahead of humans, both races remain trapped on this planet due to the Atlanteans' crimes. Obsessed with escaping Earth for centuries, success is finally in sight for the Dragon Court. But as they prepare their exodus, the Dragon Queen's plan is sabotaged. A fly has gotten into the ointment.

​Coincidentally, a Reptilian outcast wakes up to a nightmare he can't shake free. Despised his entire life, Janus Demur finds himself in the crosshairs of the Pharaoh Queen's inquisition.​

Eyewitnesses that Janus has never met blame him for a crime of which he has no knowledge. But in the Underworld, nobody cares about innocence. Janus' very life depends upon finding someone else to blame.


Why I wrote this novel

Descendants of Atlantis is an allegory of the human condition of which humankind blames its greedy, power-hungry nature as the culprit. But evidence points to a more sinister source. In this book series, the central concept is what if the descendants of Atlantis are Reptilian humanoids, alive and running the world?


Do you like what they've done with the place? ​

If you are reading this, you are a descendant, descended from one of many species the Atlanteans genetically engineered. But around 10,000 BC, a thermonuclear war erupted over their machinations, sinking continents and leaving the leftovers to fend for themselves. One of those leftovers has thrived. The other is human.

So-called official history has been written by these Reptilian wizards. At the same time, Humans fight amongst themselves, don't share resources, and lack empathy. The educational systems indoctrinate how to behave instead of how to create a better world. ​


Is this really due to human nature, or has some entity been shepherding the herd? What if the latter is true? What would that look like, and more importantly, what could a human do about it?

In Descendants of Atlantis, the psychology of the characters reflect the psychology of humanity.

Thematic thoughts

What if humans did come from a lab? If you create a lifeform, do you own that creation? Is that life to be respected? If the creation is self-aware, does it have rights, and if so, who grants those rights? Does the creation lose its power if it's not bright enough to realize it has bought a fool's contract and that its choice was never really a choice?

How do humans treat their livestock? Reptilians regard humans as livestock. Ironically, humans often treat each other in the same fashion. Have the abused become the abusers? Or maybe the Atlanteans damaged both species irreparably.​

Life isn't just about physical acquisitions or sensations, but the experience that invokes one's emotions and Spirit. Aiming solely for material wealth, power, and genetic manipulations—is missing the point of existence. It's the difference between having and being. Having is to control, to acquire. Being means to understand why we are here and for what purpose.​

In the Reptilian Underworld, there are children in cages, monsters in the dungeons, posthumanism projects to develop immortality. Life is just putty in another's hands. People don't know the difference between being biologically alive and a meaningful life. Like their human cousins on the surface, Reptilians live in a narcissistic world of pseudo selves. Both are only actors on a scripted stage. And certainly not of their design.

Descendants of Atlantis is about shedding the manacles of control in the mind-numbing quest to becoming an authentic Being.

Read the book for the answers... it's a wild ride!

​Also, the Reptilian Insider Blog is written by a secret character in the Underworld to give you an insider's perspective on human life today.


Who this book is for

This book is for the Thinker, the Philosopher, the Individual who is looking for something more, for meaning in life, a reason for why our society is so disharmonious.

You're the one who wanted the red pill, who tried to bend spoons, who loved the first Matrix movie and wondered whatever happened to that kind of thought.

You want complexity that makes sense, not the official narrative that always ends with we'll try harder.


Why is everything today so dumbed down? Who killed common sense? Why is language Orwellian, where whatever is said, the opposite happens?


You're the Intelligent Rational Skeptic like a Sherlock Holmes asking:


  • Who decides where mythology ends, and official history begins?

  • If authority habitually lies, how can you trust historical stories?

  • The art of negation is to remove what is false--so why is being negative bad

  • Historically, why isn't the collective able to right its wrongs?

  • Why are select people above the law blatantly bragging about it with no fear of consequences? Who are they working for?


Read Descendants of Atlantis for the answers!


About the author

Kerry Boytzun was born in Edmonton, Alberta, to the dismay of everyone else.


Feeling like a transplanted alien, Kerry pursued a career in IT, while never taking his eyes off world events and human behavior.


Unsatisfied with official explanations of Earth’s shadowy past—and present, Descendants of Atlantis, is an imaginative dive down the rabbit hole.


Kerry currently resides on Earth’s surface in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife, Terri, two dogs, and a cat.

If you enjoyed Descendants of Atlantis, please leave a review on Amazon, click HERE.

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