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The first Matrix Movie: It all takes place in the Human's Mind

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The Matrix, of course, is a simulated reality, or Simulacra, of which captured humans are plugged into. The main character is a man, Mr. Thomas Anderson. The other actors represent the different aspects of Mr. Anderson's "Self," depicting the inner conflict of a man struggling to break free of his beliefs that prevent him from seeing the real world. It's the same play unfolding today as humans struggle to differentiate between global control vs. internal sovereignty.

Symbolically, the Matrix is constructed to hide the covert organizations behind the indoctrination of humanity's beliefs, aka the false "world." The world Mr. Anderson perceives is his personalized Simulacra built upon coerced ideas scripted by the Controllers. I expose who these controllers are in my novel Descendants of Atlantis, but for a synopsis, you can read the Introduction.

So, what and who do these characters in The Matrix represent?

Neo is the human aspect of Mr. Anderson seeking self-actualization.

Morpheus is the conscience of Mr. Anderson, who has been trying to wake him up (free his mind).

Trinity is the spirit or soul of Mr. Anderson, trying to reconnect to his Avatar, a temporary human manifestation.

Agent Smith and his ilk are agents representing the "rules" in Mr. Anderson's mind of which he must comply or face punishment.

Mr. Anderson's life at the beginning of the movie is locked into the Matrix, the collective Simulacra. Anderson lives in his head, perceiving only what his indoctrinated beliefs allow through his five senses. However, due to Trinity's and Morpheus' initial contact within, they stir up his desire to be free; only Anderson doesn't know what freedom is. This makes him act out, rebel, thus becoming a Robin Hood computer hacker by night, total conformist by day.

As the movie progresses, Trinity battles the controller's henchmen. These inside-his-head policemen represent Anderson's self-imposed rules or belief systems pitted against the existence of a free spirit, aka the Holy Spirit. Trinity successfully defeats the detractors but must also run to an "outside" line before the agents, being the propaganda artists of the controllers, "stop" her. Trinity sparks Anderson's intuition to start thinking "outside the box," but Anderson's embedded beliefs swat the impulse down.

Then there's the scene with Anderson "asleep" at his computer representing the different organizations dispatching information to the collective humans. But the scene also addresses the facets of the individual mind. Anderson is the conformist. Neo is the conduit to Trinity, his spirit, and Morpheus, his conscience. While asleep, Anderson is smothered by loud music (Dionysus Cult brainwashing), the trance of conformity. The computer terminal represents his psyche's access to his beliefs, at which point Trinity hacks into his Simulacra. Stunned by the messages on his monitor, Neo responds by asking "questions." Questions are the only thing that unlock the mind. While a harsh physical experience can interrupt the Simulacra, questions must ensue, or it's back to sleep for the human.

The "awakening" continues as someone knocks on his door. So Anderson goes to the nightclub following the white rabbit (on the female's shoulder outside his door), an outside-the-box symbol that directs his path. At the lounge (internally), Trinity finally establishes a connection to Anderson's psyche via Neo, pushing him to open his mind and talk to Morpheus (his conscience). Yet Neo isn't sure.

Neo goes home and wakes up late for work. In real life, Anderson would begin to behave abnormally because his inner beliefs (Simulacra) were no longer successfully keeping him locked down, plus his conscience Morpheus made contact (when a human gets that annoying feeling that something isn't right). The human's imagination had awakened, and his internal questions became brand new. Anderson-Neo is beginning to question what is real. But the "Agents" capture Mr. Anderson and "bug" him. In real life, somehow, Anderson imagined the worst fear possible for a conformist: to be kicked out of the collective (crowd) on his own. To no longer have "support, protection, safety."

NOTE: In the Agent interrogation scene of Mr. Anderson, Agent Smith tells Anderson that "Morpheus is an individual...the most dangerous man alive." This is a clue that one who follows their conscience and is in touch with their spirit-soul, will become an individual; one that no longer follows the herd. The danger is to weaken the "collective" which provides the power of allegiance to the covert shadow organizations revealed in Descendants of Atlantis.

But Anderson's conscience Morpheus had opened a door and reached out to Neo that night, saying he was in grave danger and must meet him before it was too late. Anderson's awakening was hanging by a thread and could quickly fail.

Incidentally, the "job" Anderson holds represents him living as a collective slave. So why does all the awakening activity occur at "night?" Night represents when the human is not bombarded with indoctrination.

Neo ends up meeting Trinity and gets his tracker removed. Trinity utilizes enough out-of-the-box questions to get Neo back on track to think independently—to become an actualized self. Then Neo meets Morpheus, who in the movie presented the metaphor that humans are batteries for bioelectric power. What this really means is Humans = Minds or Consciousness; Computers = Prison Wardens; Batteries = Machinations for the psychopathic Descendants of Atlantis (DOA).

Red Pill, Blue Pill. In the human's mind, Neo beat out the conformist pseudo self Mr. Anderson and took the red pill. Red Pill = "root belief that counteracts all other beliefs: NO BELIEFS ARE CERTAIN"; Blue Pill = "Authority is my god and does my thinking for me. Therefore, I obey the rules." The reason the crew members on the movie's hovercraft (who chose the red pill) watch computer monitors streaming characters, instead of video, is because those characters represent the beliefs and thoughts internal to the mind.

At one point, Trinity takes Neo to see the "Oracle." The critical point here isn't the Oracle at all but "the Spoon." The initiate in the movie tells Neo it's impossible to bend the spoon because there is NO spoon. Spoon = one's perception-belief of an actual thing or situation. You can't bend the "thing" but you CAN bend your perception (change the way you look at it).

The Oracle = the wisdom you attain through personal experience, but you must commune with your spirit. Internal understanding is multifaceted and not linear any more than a rainstorm is only water. Additionally, the Oracle told Neo to "Know Thyself." This is the realm where the Individual intersects with the intuitive wisdom. Rational thinking is what gets one there. As for "the One," that's when a human psyche becomes the authentic Self, a true individual, no longer conforming or seeking to please.

The rest of the movie is about the battle in the human's mind. This entire movie IS "the hero's journey" where one must become heroic, that is, to question their predicament and, through exploration, discover how their antagonist is not what it seems but only a machine with parts. The mechanism has a source of power, and one only has to remove or change the source to change the machine or destroy it.

Further scenes commence with Neo running, shooting, with or without Trinity, Morpheus, etc. At one point, Morpheus is "captured" whereby in real life, the human had suffered a "relapse" to the old addictive behavior (being a conformist) because the entire DOA system of indoctrination (real-life: mainstream media, banking, government, military, science, education, religion, and entertainment) was too big to disbelieve. During these scenes, the human's emerging authentic self Neo argues with his intuition spirit Trinity and decides that he, Neo, can do a small thing: save Morpheus (restore his conscience).

At this point, within his mind, Neo is getting more proficient at applying the tactic the DOA Agent Provocateurs most fear: "negativity" or the art of "negation." Why is this feared? Because it's loaded with rational questions. Neo begins to question everything he knows and thus dissembles every belief he has so that he can discover the LIES. What's leftover when you remove the lies? The truth. The truth is either staring you in the face, or you realize it was all smoke and mirrors, and there is NO-Thing (nothing). Like this Plandemic which is built upon the model of "Virology." The real villains, the DOA organizations, are terrified you will figure out their ruse. Until you do, they can dream up a virus-variant a month, and that's precisely what they're doing. (To imprison you no less--just like in the Matrix).

In the final scenes, all the shooting and explosions are nothing more than questions, answers, and emotional trauma within the human, Anderson-Neo. The climax is when the DOA Agents "kill" Neo by producing some revelation that will have him give up all hope--hence his "death." However, in real life, the DOA Agents would attempt to "suicide" the problematic human after first discrediting him, blackmailing, or threatening his family. But in the movie, Trinity still has her soul connected to the human and sends a spark of divination the human couldn't deny. In a way, this scene shows the "near-death" experience where Anderson-Neo sees "the light," but this time, his spirit Trinity tells him YOU ARE NOT FINISHED. I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU. Neo is "reborn" not to a religion but to his inner sense of Self. His authentic Self is connected to his eternal Self, his spirit.

Reborn, Anderson-Neo stands up (as an individual). All of Anderson-Neo's belief turmoil within his head is now over. Neo knows that he is both here and connected outside the Matrix (Simulacra). The DOA Agents don't stand a chance with their indoctrination, and now Neo can "fly." This means he is FREE of the prison of beliefs and quickly, efficiently dismantles any claim that comes his way.

As for the "Matrix," the system says "System Failure" because it can no longer fool this human.

Today, in real life. You ARE in the Matrix, the Simulacra. Only questioning everything will set you free.

If you like my thoughts, please check out my novel, Descendants of Atlantis on Amazon. It's jam-packed with more!

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