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The Misinformed's Fatal Gamble (Pretending It's FINE)

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Are people even aware when they're betting the farm (their future, family, children) that the near future will be FINE (It's not gonna be that bad cause THEY wouldn't harm ME)?

NO. A "calculated risk" means you've done your homework using rational deductive analysis of who the "players" are (how they will profit, benefit) involved with whatever scheme YOU are being told to take part in.

Believing it will be fine, or disbelieving any claims that it won't--is an "uncalculated" risk and frankly only a BET. The question is, WHAT ARE YOU WAGERING?

Someone has a "scheme" (there's an alien must be injected with THIS) that they want us ALL to participate in. This just used to be death and taxes. Now it's a "medical procedure." Tomorrow it will be the ability to travel, and after that, it will be the ability to use MONEY. (Not to mention you won't be able to be employed, make money, and see your family and friends).

**If someone goes to all the trouble to create a WORLDWIDE "scheme"--do you seriously believe it's for YOUR benefit? (They've spent tons of time and money). How will THEY PROFIT? Who benefits from the NEW CONTROL of YOUR LIFE?

I just watched an interview with a KY Federal politician and Sharyl Attkisson. Unfortunately, the discussion was a scripted "softball" event of lame questions. Why? Because both these people don't believe that their HOUSE will be ON FIRE in a few years (it's already smokin').

We all "pretend" to reduce stress in our lives. But do you walk across the freeway with your eyes closed, pretending there's no traffic coming? Does the smell of smoke in your neighborhood resemble wood burning, but you pretend not to see the neighbor's house in flames? Nah...MY HOUSE will be left untouched.

This is a GAMBLE. You're wagering your way of life -- is SPECIAL and won't be harmed. In fact, NOBODY will be hurt as long as they go along with the SCHEME.

The problem is you're betting against the schemers, who have designed the project and hold all the cards. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS (and a Fool and his money are soon parted).

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