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The Contempt for Reality and Factuality: A Mindset decades in the making to "Be Safe" Ideology

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

If the Piped Piper had you under his spell, would you want to know? The truth begins with a question leading to another. This is how minds are opened and how one avoids the cliff.

"...On the writings of the brilliant German philosopher Hannah Arendt, whose book The Origins of Totalitarianism remains the definitive deconstruction of the totalitarian process ... constructed to appear random, arbitrary and senseless, when really they amount to a complex interworking of manipulations designed to break and isolate the human person, to lead him methodically out of his ‘ordinary’ life of hoping, working, thinking, loving, into a world where his every moment is dominated by the imposed irrationality that leads to a new, dehumanised existence for others and himself, and to a new, irrational form of ‘sense-making’. "

"Arendt declared, it is necessary for totalitarianism to completely destroy human dignity. This is because the recognition of their dignity implies an acceptance of our fellow men as co-builders of a world held in common on the basis of individual and consensual choice. This, to the totalitarian, is out of the question. An ideology which lays claim to interpreting all events of the past, and setting in train all events of the future, can have no place for the plans and choices of mere citizens. "

***"The danger lies in the very creativity of the human, which may seek to introduce something that is not foreseen in the ideology, and therefore likely to undermine it. Thus, totalitarianism requires the complete transformation of the individual and the collective, so as to align the minds of men with the perspectives and objectives set down in the ideology. Once the supersense is installed, men will think only what the ideology allows."

"Ideology is, literally, ‘the logic of an idea’, a schema of pseudo-thinking that creates a web of delusion ... an instrument for presenting time and history as immutable successions of events and ‘progressions’, indifferent to human longing or wishes ... What kind of basic experience in the living-together of men permeates a form of government whose essence is terror and whose principle of action is the logicality of ideological thinking?’ "

"...Society, he says, was being prepared for such a narrative for a long time. For centuries, the dominant view of man has been a mechanistic-materialist view: Man is a machine, a little part of the larger machine of the universe — ‘that is the ideology that has prepared the world for mass formation ... (to become "The Crowd").

*** The Crowd is a label for a group of people who crowd out the rational thinking opposers of their ideology that crushes a free individual spirit. (You can't have an individual IN a "crowd". You can't have it both ways, either you think for yourself with your own unique individual take--or you're "I'm with THEM").

" it will be a new totalitarianism. It will be, on the one hand, the same as the totalitarianism of the first half of the twentieth century, but it will also be radically different, because it will be a worldwide totalitarian system. It won’t have external enemies; it will only have internal enemies, and it will treat these internal enemies in a different way — as the external enemies were treated. This is something that is essential for the logic of totalitarian systems — totalitarian systems need an enemy; without an enemy they collapse."

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