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Simulation and Simulacra scene in first Matrix movie explains how your mind is LOST...

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The "Matrix" was in reference to the book in which Neo stores his tapes in, "Simulation and Simulacra."

***How tight your Simulacra controls you = how much you question your "information"! First, you have your personal physical experience. Then there's "data" or information that you read, hear, or view (symbols). In NLP, we would call that digital, auditory, and visual. Kinesthetic is touch. NLP doesn't include Intuition in the model.

Your mind, the psyche, is supposed to make sense of your experience, both physical (actual) and information (virtual). Reading a book, watching a video, the internet, the news...this is all a virtual experience and thus data. To the degree and sophistication of your mind's ability to deconstruct, rationalize, negate, chunk, is the degree that the information will become part of your Simulacra or not.

The mind holds a world view, a belief system, in order to interact with others and communicate. When this worldview rules you--you are lost to it. Those who don't question, don't think for themselves, and only repeat what they've been told (so-called Authoritative sources) are stuck in the "box." The box is the Simulacra.

Thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX is to leave the Simulacra at that time. One may be inside the box all day long. You're in it to work your job, when you see the news, the popular "stories." The News "stories" are fabrications because they're part of a Simulacra...not fact. And evidence must be rationally verified, and even after that, they're subject to the context they're in.

What is missing is HOW to leave the Simulacra (how to be Open-Minded). It begins with the words used. Beliefs are assembled using words. One needs to study Belief Systems via NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Beliefs are like mathematical equations using words (If THIS happens, it means THAT)...they are not reality. The book Simulation and Simulacra proposes that people are living in words (in their head), thus no longer being able to be "open-minded." Morpheus says, "I'm trying to open your mind." How? By using questions. Questions are sequences of words to break out of the box (Simulacra) so that you can perceive outside of the "Simulation" of reality and see things for what they really are and are not.

The weaker one's ability to use their Right brain strengthens the Simulacra. The less articulate your ability to use language, the more you're in the BOX. Acronyms and "street talk" are intended to weaken your rational mind and put you deeper into the BOX. Mozart is "high art" music. Rap is not music but poetry upon music, albeit not sophisticated music. Rap can be enlightening or stick you deeper into the BOX. It's all about whether it's to question or to swallow a story.

Even authentic stories need to be adequately questioned as if a Sherlock Holmes was the investigator.

Conformity = Simulacra, aka the BOX. Rules without flexibility = the Box. Obedience = Conformity. I'm saying this is how most live, which puts one in the Simulacra. Life, the mind, is about balance to maintain your health, strength, and walk the Hero's Journey--which is YOUR journey, not a position you accept. Embrace the mindset of a Partner, not a subservient subject. You may sign a business contract for a position to be employed, but you should still hold steadfast as a partner in spirit, as one who cares for the organization you joined, not just making a wage and turning off your mind (checking out).

Imagine a relationship with another that is NOT of the Simulacra? It's not easy...questions to be asked and answered. Partner, not property. Teamwork, not master or submissive. Much is made today about the alleged joys of submitting to your romantic partner. This puts you into the Simulacra. Accepting a massage is not submitting. Submitting is throwing away your power. Submitting is what those who program the Collective Simulacras WANT.

BECOME THE SPOON: In the matrix, the boy says you can't bend the spoon because there is no spoon. You have to bend yourself, and the spoon changes. The spoon = the way you look at things (inside the BOX). Question and remove yourself from the Simulacra, and the spoon will either reveal itself as a spoon or something else...or vanish. Spoons can represent your "troubles."

As Captain Jack Sparrow says, "It's not the problem but how you REACT to the problem."

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