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Perception Blindness - Why the Grasshopper Died

The Ant and the Grasshopper is one of Aesop's Fables in which a hungry grasshopper begs for food from an ant when winter comes and is refused. The situation sums up moral lessons about the virtues of hard work and planning for the future.

Grasshoppers' motto is the song, Don't worry, be happy. That song replaced actual experiencing sight and sound with video and headphones. Why is this important? Because people became captivated with the mainstream news and entertainment. You can't see the forest if you're stuck inside the house watching TV.

Consider animals in nature: In the wilderness, it's a matter of life and death to recognize danger before it's too late. But unfortunately, many humans are no longer able to perform this crucial ability. I call this Perception Blindness.

There's nothing to worry about if you can't see it coming, right? But what if the danger hasn't arrived yet? You have to be vigilantly looking for the signs. Some call this worrying, while others call this preparedness. It's the fable of the ant and the grasshopper where the latter died.

Back in the day, when humans lived in nature, farming or hunting, they had to monitor the weather and prepare for storms or drought. Understanding the seasons, the changes in temperature, wind, and the time of year made you survive or perish.

Today's humans depend upon supply chains of grocery stores, hardware, and products manufactured somewhere else, delivered by someone else. Unless you're living under the rock of mainstream news, you should be aware that these supply chains have been crippled intentionally in the last two years. Ukraine drama is icing on a corrupt cake. Today, humans barely notice that it's become difficult to get food to electronics due to the above and the chip shortages that have decimated new cars and computer network technology.

My point is that this blog post isn't a theoretical idea that can be blown off. One's ignorance is fostered by the ability to perceive. If you refuse to perceive because everything is fine, then that's being willfully blind.

Society has been encouraged by the Education System, Hollywood, and the corporatocracy (Big Business & Government) to trust the system. So don't analyze, discern and thus perceive for yourself. They will tell you what you need to know.

Let's understand how perception works for the rest of you who refuse to live like a slave.

1 - You need a method of measurement. Architectural design uses rulers and other tools. You must develop your own way of measuring what you observe.

2 - Discernment is the ability to separate phenomena into pieces to gauge how they are constructed to form the whole. This can be an object (car) or a system (supply chain), or a scene (a narrative of human activity).

3 - Analyze non-linear behavior to construct the whole. You don't work with only a linear cause and effect focus. Multiple activities (phenomena) occur in their own time frame to produce a combined result. This ability requires patience and the tenacity to discover all of the contributing forces for an event. For example, a combustion engine requires many parts working together and not all at the same time to turn the wheels.

If you have Perception Blindness, here's what happens:

You will substitute labels for each piece of non-linear phenomena you can't discern (the details). We see this all the time in society. For example, MSM, mainstream media, claims everything was fine in Ukraine until Russia "invaded" it. Therefore "Bad" Russia, "Poor" Ukraine. Note the labels. MSM will produce more claims that they do NOT want you to deconstruct and analyze. If you did, then you would develop your perceptions.

Rational, analytical people use labels temporarily until they can perform a detailed deconstructive analysis to learn what happened. This is what a court of law USED to perform. Now it's all who can yell the loudest with the most in agreement wins. These blind mice scurry down the wrong path due to their lack of details with the MSM's pied piper, steering them into a plush slaughterhouse (enslave us all using a technocracy of social credit).

The horde of grasshoppers fails to comprehend the facts because they miss them. Facts aren't labels--they require a rational execution of components that fulfill the claim. This is known as evidence.

Our societies have been divided into a terrifying Stephen King microscopic monster attack for the grasshoppers and a dystopian hell for those who can actually perceive the truth.

Our families and friends have been separated into two groups: grasshoppers and eagles. The grasshoppers want everybody to supply them with all their wants, from money and food to pronouns. The eagles are fed up with supporting slackers.

You can't reason with a grasshopper, don't even try. So you eagles need to find the higher ground while the battle for the human mind rages.

If you like my thoughts, please check out my novel, Descendants of Atlantis on Amazon. It's jam-packed with more!

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