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If you became deaf, could you hear the oncoming train? NLP dive into the Hive-Mind, Collective Crowd

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The other day in my city, a man was wearing an intriguing T-Shirt as he put on his mask to go into a store that has decided all who enter their grocery MUST wear a mask or the police will be called.

His shirt said, "No Rules."

What's wrong with this picture? So I asked him, "Hey, have you read the words on your shirt?" (He ran into the store like I was the inquisition).

Incidentally, this blog is about the Mindset, psyche, psychology of the human that causes our world around us, either by direct action--or by its abdication.

With that spirit in mind, what kind of Mindset owns a shirt saying "No Rules" yet is obeying--THE RULES? (The city has no mask mandate. NONE).

The man's behavior exhibits one who can not discern detailed concepts of behavior vs. ideas. Such a man becomes a robot, a parrot to repeat instead of think. Or a zombie crowd that Hollywood firmly hints surround us--aka the Walking Dead (as in asleep minds).

But I digress. Let's investigate such a cadaverous psyche as many are asking, "Why can't people see what is going on around them?"

Step 1: use the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) model to analyze (deconstruct) the behavior you're trying to understand. Remember that language programs the mind per the NLP model -- but stating that isn't good enough (too many people say "mind control" is involved and move on). We need to learn HOW to analyze language, or we are just as inept as the zombies.

First, per NLP: "If you can't put it upon a wheelbarrow, it's something you DO, not something you have." Therefore we convert the word "rule(s)" into a verb: To RULE (over another).

From the Oxford Dictionary we look to see how RULE is used as an activity:

  • Control of or dominion over an area or people: ‘the revolution brought an end to British rule’

  • Exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people): ‘the region today is ruled by elected politicians’ ;

  • Have a powerful and restricting influence on: ‘her whole life seemed to be ruled by fear’

Do you get the picture of what life is like to be "ruled over?" (To be controlled by someone ELSE).

Back to the shirt, "No Rules." What does that really mean, especially considering its owner OBEYS any rule, no matter how silly? (Do you use a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes? Do the math--SIZE MATTERS).

There is no such "thing" in reality as "no rules," but there is such a concept as NO RULER (ruling class, govt, etc.). That is NOT what that shirt was implying, trust me.

To not have a "ruler" means you're a free man or woman. Very free. As in being independent, an INDIVIDUAL. But, to be fair, an individual is a human with a mindset that is self-governing--figures things out for oneself, questions rationally without being live without "strings attached."

**Your "Rulers" want you to BELIEVE that without their ultimate POWER over you--your world will turn into the infamous "Anarchy." Hollywood's version is Mad Max, but the reality is that life goes on (without having overlords) with us still needing food, clothing, shelter, companionship, and connection--hence we WILL work together to make that happen. It just won't be with THEM (Ruling Class).

Once again, we use NLP to make Anarchy into a verb, best we can. From the Oxford Dictionary, we look for Anarchy to find out the activity (behavior):

  • A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority or other controlling systems.

  • The organization of society on the basis of voluntary cooperation, without political institutions or hierarchical government; anarchism.

Does anybody catch the so-called "disorder" in the first term? Realize that the "Ruling Class" writes your dictionaries and official histories, etc. Who said without THEM there's "disorder?" Really?

When there's a tornado and people are helping each other out, is there no "order?" What they're worried about is that they--the RULING CLASS--won't be around to BOSS YOU AROUND. (How well is that going for YOU as of late? It's going GREAT for THEM).

Keep in mind, that this blog is for the THINKER as stated on the Author's Muse page: Who this book is for):

  • This book is for the Thinker, the Philosopher, the Individual who is looking for something more, for meaning in life, a reason for why our society is so disharmonious.

  • You're the one who wanted the red pill, who tried to bend spoons, who loved the first Matrix movie and wondered whatever happened to that kind of thought.

  • You want complexity that makes sense, not the official narrative that always ends with we'll try harder.

  • Why is everything today so dumbed down? Who killed common sense? Why is language Orwellian, where whatever is said, the opposite happens?

  • You're the Intelligent Rational Skeptic like a Sherlock Holmes asking:

    • Who decides where mythology ends, and official history begins?

    • If authority habitually lies, how can you trust historical stories?

    • The art of negation is to remove what is false--so why is being negative bad?

    • Historically, why isn't the collective able to right its wrongs?

    • Why are select people above the law blatantly bragging about it with no fear of consequences? Who are they working for?

To summarize, we have a man wearing a slogan, "No Rules," which, upon further NLP analysis, shows it's cleverly promoting its opposite. "I AM RULED. " THAT--is what that man's shirt declares, and his behavior proves it. Behavior IS the way to see through the looking glass of words hiding their truth in plain sight.

This is also known as "Orwellian" tactics, where the opposite is implied.

Back to this man, if you really had an authentic rebel, he wouldn't be following rules that limit his natural body's freedom to conduct business. Wearing a mask while performing interior demolition of a building with black mold, asbestos, etc., is rational. And that's wearing a medical device (mask) that can actually perform the job.

Masks have hole sizes. Size matters. A mosquito can get through your chain link fence. Why? Size. A so-called "pathogen" is 2000+ times SMALLER than the holes in a mask. Masks were made for surgery to keep the drool off of the patient's wound from the surgeon (a famous surgeon stated this). Clearly, we have OTHER reasons to be told to wear masks that can't stop a microorganism.

But these masks do block your SPIRIT, your independence, your freedom. The NLP model states that spirit, independence, freedom, are words that define a way of "doing"...being. You can't put independence in a wheelbarrow, BUT you can break one's freedom of movement.

Or breathing. Yes, masks DO inhibit airflow and recirculate your breath and BACTERIA. After a year and a half of being "ruled" by your "ruling class," many are admitting they are suffering physical effects from having their breathing affected, welts on their face, infections from these welts, etc.

**What kind of mindset denies these harmful, damaging physical injuries to people's faces, lungs, and sinuses? A robot, parrot, a zombie.

This is what happens when you SUBMIT to a Ruler's orders and join "the crowd." Using NLP, "crowd" is something you DO. Per Oxford Dictionary:

crowd someone/something out --> Exclude someone or something by taking their place.

The crowd takes the place of the individual's thoughts. How? Because the individual adopts the crowd's beliefs--their words. They no longer think for themselves. They become mindless zombies.

Your "Rulers" have divided us by putting us into groups (crowds). There is no more dangerous crowd than "The Greater Good." You are being ordered to stop thinking and OBEY. Follow the "rules." So that imaginary people can be saved--for The Greater Good. Funny how the world's death rate statistics remained THE SAME from 2019 to - present day. Oops, "the flu" VANISHED (that's a BIG tell, BTW).

You can pretend you're in a better world all you want. But if you use NLP to analyze what you're being told and what you believe--you will quickly see all that is false.

If you like my thoughts, please check out my novel, Descendants of Atlantis on Amazon. It's jam-packed with more!

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1 Comment

Oct 23, 2021

My mind often drifts away when I hear someone try to explain NLP. But Kerry's explanation was simple, real world, and brilliant.

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