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Govt-Corporate Protection Racket (Selling Your Soul)

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

"A protection racket is a scheme perpetrated by an organized criminal group that guarantees protection to another entity or individual from threats, in exchange for the extorted payments in cash or kind."

The West has been overtaken by a syndicate of government-corporate control, over the generations, to provide protection (security) to KEEP YOU SAFE. All you have to do is OBEY them. Means be a good SUBJECT. (In America, you don't have to be a citizen...just run across the Mexico-American border and get your free membership).

This has been developed for generations. Those sucked into it call it "civilization" and "modern convenience," where you get a paycheck and the "right" to do whatever you want.

Clearly, in the last two years, your masters have recalled your "rights." And they're "consolidating" their control mechanisms by causing bankruptcy to small businesses and firing the lot that refuses to bend the knee (take the jab).

People have become enthralled by this protection, bragging about their high salaries, benefits, and all the fancy stuff they bought with it. So naturally, these people think they've "earned it." But, no, they've been "rewarded" for their "service."

Service is the label given to a serf following someone else's orders. Such a pawn is not provided with "informed consent" of what they have gotten themselves into (sold their soul for benefits).

"Protected people" live in a trance, intentionally keeping themselves so busy to distract their own nagging conscience that "something just ain't right." Overworking, binge TV, Internet crawling, social media posting, eating all day long, drugs and alcohol. Anything to prevent the formation of questions.

Such creatures are not individuals but robots, following rules and trusting their guardian's explanations.

Beware that this lot will attack anything that threatens their "security," thus defending the protection racket's perpetrators.

Their enemy is their opposite. Those who question the racket's rules and requirements, those in charge, and who funded them (follow the money). Their adversary reads the claims and analyzes how they work, seeking evidence that the narrative is legit while scrutinizing its historical activities.

Beneficiaries of this protection racket are not interested in giving up their benefits. Not. One. Bit. This is why you can't get them interested in this Plandemic Worldwide Socialist takeover. They. Are. All. In.

The ONLY way to reach these people is to cut OFF their benefits. Period.

It's no different than a heroin addict or an alcoholic. First, you have to remove the benefit. Then, realize that they don't want to be set FREE. In fact, they'll hate you for trying.

Erich Fromm wrote about this in the 50s (Escape from Freedom, 1941). This is nothing new.

But now the criminal consortium wants everybody IN...or DEAD. Your choice.

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