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Are you made of Flesh & Blood or WORDS? What if the WRONG words are being used to control your mind?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I'm trained in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A model whereby language programs the mind. (Tony Robbins is the most famous of the lot). Your enemy uses NLP like a master chef. The masses refuse to even consider its importance, and that includes 99% of people.

In NLP, if you can't put "it" into a wheelbarrow, it's not something you have; it's something you do. An elephant fits onto a large wheelbarrow, whereas "care" does not. Therefore, care is a verb, an activity of caring for, tending, maintaining, keeping alive as it was made to be.

Caring is NOT a preference. For example, "I care about plants," but upon investigation, we observe your plants are neglected, dry of water. Your garden is overgrown with weeds. A preference is a claim. Caring is an ACT, a behavior, something one does. This is key to discerning truth from storytelling in language (what others tell you vs. what they actually DO).

But what about a "Pandemic?" A label for an idea isn't an object that you can place upon a wheelbarrow; hence you must make it a verb.

Pandemic...looking that up in dictionaries show the current terms to be "epidemic medical viral blah blah blah." BUT--That is NOT defining what "it" is in actual REALITY!

Further investigation reveals:

"Mid 17th century from Greek pandēmos (from pan 'all' + dēmos 'people')"

Thus Pan = all; Demic relates to "demise." Pan + Demise = Pandemic ... which really means we have a "large demise." Well, that's vague, isn't it?

By using NLP to attack the language, we have discovered the use of what we (in NLP) call "word salad," whereby a bunch of terms are thrown together to make a salad of irrational nonsense. Why??

To "hypnotize the audience." (To make them do what they would not normally do IF presented with the entire picture).

Per NLP, there is NO pandemic, epidemic, anything. It's a glorified ADJECTIVE (Pan-Demise). So what exactly is this "Pan-Demise"? Other than a bunch of "talk" from sketchy official positions worldwide making new rules to treat people like the characters in Animal Farm--I see NOTHING new happening. (Humans birth and die like clockwork, just like Nature intended).

**The point is that NOBODY is cutting to the chase with the actual MEANING of the words spoken like God is rewriting the Commandments. That's mistake number ONE. The "Story Architects" WANT us to use THEIR WORDS to provide their Story--legitimacy... breathing life into the narrative. And better yet: fear, terror! Clearly, their goal is TERROR. (This is not an opinion but an NLP deconstruction of their words. Do the MATH.).

Here's their CONCEPT (See if it reminds you of anything time immortal):

"There's an invisible THING (Devil) that will GET YOU ... but WE (Priest-class) will keep you SAFE...IF you do exactly what WE (Priest-class) WANT."

What kind of Mindset sells their soul, their children's soul (life's future)...EVERYTHING...for something they didn't even 2019???

Answer: one who has been hypnotized unconsciously tuned to an already existing concept in the back of their minds (I've hinted at it...connect the dots).

Ponder on that. (More to come as we dive into NLP in an easy-to-use method to decipher the Stories you are presented with daily--to see if they are rational--or are just WORD SALAD.

If you like my thoughts, please check out my novel, Descendants of Atlantis on Amazon. It's jam-packed with more!

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